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Airplay Monitoring

MusicTrace monitors radio and TV stations around the clock and captures the music usage and advertising. The system used for this can recognise all the tracks in its database and registers the station and play length of the usage.

A wide range of different analyses can be generated from this data. Many of these results can be directly retrieved from the MusicTrace Airplay data portal. Here, for example, you can find Airplay Charts, the tracks played most on each station and usage statistics for individual songs. But our experts are also happy to generate customised statistics. For this, they can access a large pool of metadata, such as the language of the lyrics or the release date.

Our service is established throughout Europe. At present, we compile Airplay Charts in more than 20 countries. We are the market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and partner with the local representations of IFPI in the compilation of the Official Airplay Charts. Our service is open to all interested music companies, promoters, radio stations and also to advertising marketers and publishers. Have a chat with us or read further information here about our Airplay Monitoring service.

Audio Watermarking

Music Trace has taken the audio watermarking process developed in the famous Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen (Germany), continually improved it and currently licenses the software to interested companies.

It is possible with the help of this software to link hidden information with the audio signal and later extract these. This sounds so simple, but it opens up an enormous potential for different groups of customers. Thus, with the help of a watermark, the authorship of the work can be proven or illegal copies can be assigned to the original recipient of the track. The watermarking represents a very user-friendly solution because it doesn’t change the original format and so doesn’t require a special playback device.

Our watermarking technology is the result of long years of development and has proven itself many times over. We license the software globally. Our customers receive full access to the software. This way, you can integrate the technology into your existing system in the best possible way and you can also define the information which needs to be embedded in the audio signal. Have a chat with us or read further information here about our Audio Watermarking Technology.

On its website,, MusicTrace presents selected Airplay Charts from Europe. This offer is free for everyone and we would be glad if you referred this site to your friends.

On you will find, among other things, the hottest German-Schlager tracks, the tracks performing best on the radio stations in French-speaking Switzerland or the latest hits in Austria. Do you want to know this week’s trending tracks? Here you can discover that too.

All Airplay Charts are updated on Friday mornings and are
available for a week from then. Besides, for
most Airplay Charts, the corresponding
annual Airplay Chart from the
previous calendar year can
also be found.
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Top-3 Annual Airplay Charts 2020

The year 2020 is history and so is the airplay chart year 2020. During the last months, radio shows did not miss one song: 'Blinding Lights' by The Weeknd. This song leads the annual charts in Germany and Austria and also tops the annual airplay charts Europe with an incredible lead of over 50% more chart points than second-place title 'Breaking Me' by Topic & A7S.

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Germany’s 2019 yearly airplay charts

In 2017, Ed Sheeran dominated Germany's airplay charts. For his latest album, the singer/songwriter picked 22 guest musicians for support. The collaborations were so successful that Ed Sheeran is also top in several categories in the current annual report. But once again the British superstar missed the award 'most successful artist of the year' which 2019 goes to rising star Ava Max. The current yearly airplay charts can be viewed at as of right now.