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In this section, all press releases published by MusicTrace are provided in chronological order. If you have any question or if you want to receive MusicTrace's press releases in future, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge for public relations.

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02/08/2012: All german major labels use airplay data from MusicTrace. [more (German, PDF)]
01/10/2011: Swiss airplay analyses 2010. [more (German, PDF)]
07/14/2009: MusicTrace is honored by IHK as best start-up in category 'success and innovation'. [more (German, PDF)]
09/30/2008: Radio ENERGY and MusicTrace cooperate. [more (German, PDF)]
01/25/2008: MusicTrace welcomes major labels as new customers. [more (German, PDF)]
01/12/2007: Review of one year success in Switzerland. [more (German, PDF)]
09/07/2006: PhonoNet licenses audio watermarking technology. [more (German, PDF)]
04/28/2006: MusicTrace now offers airplay monitoring also in Germany. [more (German, PDF)]
03/24/2006: optimal media production relies on audio watermarking technology from MusicTrace. [more (German, PDF)]
01/18/2006: MusicTrace is the New Official Compiler of Airplay Charts in Switzerland. [more (PDF)]
05/11/2005: Tracing illicit music copies. [more (German, PDF)]
03/08/2005: Fraunhofer gets associate of the MusicTrace GmbH. [more (HTML)]
01/25/2005: InProdicon AB signs agreement with MusicTrace GmbH. [more (PDF)]
01/21/2005: Midem press release. [more (HTML)]
10/12/2004: VG Werbung + Musik mbH signs agreement with MusicTrace GmbH. [more (German, HTML)]

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